Insurrection Guild Charter

Article I. Who is Insurrection?

Insurrection is an Alliance World of Warcraft guild located on the Kargath Server. We were started in November, 2006. We are made up of both raiders and casual players. We need and respect both styles of play.

Article II. What Insurrection Stands For

Insurrection is a friendly guild with a semi-casual raiding schedule. We are dedicated to trying new tactics, teaching what we know, and using our members to their current strengths and helping them improve in those areas they may be weak.

Article III. What Insurrection Expects From You

We expect you to have a good time playing the game with friendly and well intentioned people. We hope you make friends here and treat everyone with kindness and respect. We expect you to treat this as a game, not a place to create drama.

Article IV. What You Can Expect From Insurrection

You can expect us to help you with questions, quests, and any guild issues you may have. The leadership has an open-door policy and welcomes any questions or concerns you may have. We will try and always be as supportive as possible.

Article V. Guild Membership

Membership to Insurrection is something that we do not take lightly. We aim for our guild mates to be friends and compatriots. A bad apple spoils the bunch, so we will do our best to keep any bad influences out. Real life family/friends are normally able to bypass closed classes. However they are still required to go through the normal application and recruitment period like everyone else. Members who join at low levels are welcomed into the guild and must be sponsored by a member in good standing of Insurrection (initiates will not be able to sponsor). This member will be responsible for ensuring the initiate understands the guild rules and spirit of the guild. However, this is not a guarantee that when the initiate reaches level cap that there will be a spot in the standard raids. Low level members will be given help when possible, but the focus of the guild is usually on end game content.

Article VI. Recruitment Period for New Guild Members

Section 6.01 Purpose
The recruitment period is to prevent people from becoming a permanent member of Insurrection that only take from the guild and not give back. We expect all recruits to adhere to all of our rules, register for the forums and to get to know everyone in the guild as well as they can.

Section 6.02 Length
The recruitment period is a minimum of 4 weeks and can be terminated at any time by either the recruit or guild leadership. During the recruitment period the recruit will hold the title of "Initiate" on the guild roster. At the end of the recruitment period, if no problems have been brought up and the recruit is deemed to fit in with the rest of the guild, the recruit will be promoted to "Member" and will have full access to everything our guild has to offer. In general, a discussion will be held with an officer before promotion to member.

Article VII. Recruit & Membership Privileges

Section 7.01 Privileges
Guild Initiates will have access to our website, forums, Ventrilo Server, however only members have access to the guild bank. Members also receive priority for group and/or raid attendance, most importantly, our friendship and assistance when needed.

Section 7.02 Inactivity
Currently we do enforce a 30 day inactivity policy. This is applied to recruits, officers, members. If you do not log into your account for 30 days, your character will be removed from the guild.

NOTE: Extenuating circumstances may apply. If you know in advance you will be offline for an extended period of time, post something on the forums informing the guild. Your character will be moved to retired until your return.

Section 7.03 Leaving the guild
Members leaving Insurrection in good standing are permitted to reapply to gain re-admittance into Insurrection. After the guild leadership has voted, and if the former member is allowed to rejoin, they will join with their full membership status intact. However, any person leaving a second time will unfortunately not be allowed to reapply. Note: Pulling an alt or a main from the guild will result in the removal of the other characters for that member.

Section 7.04 Applying to other guilds
If you are currently a member of Insurrection and wish to move to another guild, please remove yourself from the guild prior to sending applications out to other guilds. You will be removed by leadership if it is found you are openly applying to other guilds with no notice or explanation. Once a member has left Insurrection all of their alternate characters will be removed from the guild and their private access to the forums removed, unless they have spoken with leadership prior to leaving Insurrection.

Article VIII. Guild Rankings & Responsibilities

Section 8.01 Guild Leader
Guild Leader: The main person in charge. He/she is responsible for general maintenance of the guild, disciplinary problems, promotions, moderating the guild roster, forums, Ventrilo, and sets policy/procedures for the guild.

Section 8.02 Raid Leader
Officers: The Guild Leader's right and left hands. They assist in all aspects of running the guild from the website to in-game maintenance.

Section 8.03 Raiders
Raiders : Raiders are senior members of the guild that have contributed to the guild's progression.
Raiders must be exalted with the guild
Raiders must maintain 75% attendance over the course of 60 days (the minimum time to become a raider after member level.
Raiders must have an authenticator.
Raiders must request to be promoted to Raider.
At least two officers must sponsor the raider.
Raiders are reviewed on a monthly basis and promoted/demoted based on attendance.
      Raiders get guaranteed spots in raids (but not priority for loot.)Raiders have access to additional tabs in the bank with raiding materials
      Raiders will always have guild repairs on (daily limit of 100g subject to change.).

Section 8.04 Members
Members: The backbone of the guild. Without our members, Insurrection would not be able to progress.
      Members must have been in the guild for 30 days without any negative incidents.

      Members must be honored with the guild.

    At least one officer must sponsor the member.
    Members will receive limited access to the guild bank.

Section 8.05 Initiates
Initiate: Applicant to the guild. Without our recruits, Insurrection would not be able to grow.

Article IX. Behavior Befitting a Guild Member

Section 9.01 Behavior Code
We feel that most of these things are common sense and shouldn’t have to be said. However, for the sake of clarity here is the "Behavior Code".

Section 9.02 Show Respect
Show Respect. This means no drama, no begging for gold in or out of guild and absolutely no ninja’ing. No derogatory comments about race, religion or sexual orientation EVER. Any of these are Removal Actions (see disciplinary actions).

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
      Don’t make fun of people out of cruelty. Make all attempts to try to be civil and friendly. We're here for you just as much as you're here for us. Lets all try to be friends and get along

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
      Walk away. Use the ignore feature or make every attempt to calmly settle the issue. If this does not work, contact the assigned Guild Officer to help you end the dispute.

Try to help out other guild mates as you are able.
    We are here for each other. Don’t be selfish. If it is within your means to help a guild mate, please do so. This can apply to quest assistance, professions, items, or advice

Section 9.03 Account Sharing
We frown on sharing accounts outside of family, buying gold or selling accounts. If you choose to share accounts we must inform you that we don’t see different people behind a character we only see the character. If someone ninja’s or breaks our rules on your character we don’t accept the excuse, “but <insert person’s name here> did it!” Our policy is that the person we accepted into the guild is responsible for every action of their character. So share your account info at your own risk.

Article X. Disciplinary Actions

Section 10.01 What happens when you break the rules?

First infraction
      : An officer will contact you and explain the rules and how you have broken them. You will be asked not to do it again. Your confirmation will be obtained to assert that you do understand. It will be recorded in the officers section of the forums. You will be placed on a 30 day probation period.

Second infraction
    : An officer will contact you and let you know that you have continued to break Insurrection’s rules and are being removed from the guild. It will be posted on the main guild forum for record.

Article XI. Major Violations

Section 11.01 Examples of Major Violations
There is no possible way to foresee all major violations of the rules. The list below includes some behaviors and actions that fall into this category.

      : Constant statements of the same thing or blatant disregard for the guild chat, raid chat, and party channels. Included in this would be flaming on the forums or any flooding of the private message boxes on the Insurrection forums or the in-game mail system.

Intentionally rude/mean/cruel behavior
      : There comes a point where harmless and good natured fun crosses the line into malicious behavior. Profanity, name calling, and unnecessary taunting are unacceptable forms of behavior. Within and outside of the guild in your interactions with all players on the Kargath server it is assumed that you will be on your best behavior.

Pornography and Sexual Harassment
      : As with the previous violation it is evident that within Insurrection, a group of good natured and oftentimes close friends, there has and will be forms of sexually explicit and mature subject material. This behavior is only acceptable as long as all parties are comfortable and consenting. When asked to stop saying, doing, or inviting this kind of talk and/or behavior you must cease and desist immediately. If it does not cease then this behavior falls into the realm of a major violation and will be handled accordingly by the guild leadership. If any person is offended by the sexually explicit dialogue, then it is sexual harassment.

Consistent Disregard for the Guild Rules
    : If you consistently break the rules or commit a major violation a vote will be taken amongst the officers to determine your future with our guild. This vote will be final and you will be treated as if you had committed your third (and final) offense.

Section 11.02 What to do if you are harassed
Know that if you or any person is offended or harassed, the Insurrection leadership should be sought out and informed of this behavior. The leadership will review the events and proceed accordingly. ALWAYS PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION. This includes screen shots and copies of mail.

Section 11.03 No excuses for poor behavior
No excuses are good excuses: It has been the case in the past where "My little brother got on and did all that cursing, spamming, etc..." or "I was having a bad day because..." or whatever. No excuses. Don't break our rules and everything will be ok. We will have more respect for you if you just own up to your mistakes and admit that you were wrong, rather than trying to make something up that "gets you off the hook". The bottom line is that you are responsible for your account.

Article XII. Out of Game Guild Access

Section 12.01 Forums


(b) Our forums are a vital part of guild operations. It is required that you register on our forums yourself and submit your application before you can be invited into the guild. Guild news and events are posted on the forums. New recruits are expected to register for the forums during their application process. It is expected that all guild members check the forums regularly.

Section 12.02 Ventrilo
      (a) This is our Voice over IP group communications software. WARNING: Users of Ventrilo are expected to respect the wishes of others. Keep in mind that Ventrilo is an un-moderated channel of communication. It is possible that some subject matter may not be appropriate for all audiences.

      (b) If you feel that a conversation has become objectionable, we recommend that you calmly request that the conversation be toned down or to take the chat to a private channel.

    (c) Be aware that Vent is paid for to host 50 people at one time. If you can't connect in, that might be why. DON’T GIVE VENT INFO OUT to people outside the Guild without Leadership approval please!

Article XIII. Raiding Guidelines

Section 13.01 Do’s
      (a) Follow the raid leader and main tank's instructions

      (b) All gear and weapons must be enchanted and gemmed

      (c) Bring food appropriate for your role

      (d) Bring potions appropriate for your role (one guardian and one battle or one flask)

      (e) Expect repair costs. On an average night, be prepared to spend between 50 to 70g in repairs.

      (f) Have all required mods installed and running. Currently these are Omen, DBM, and Pally Power (paladins only).

      (g) Make sure you know the looting rules. If in doubt ask and do not pick up the items

    (h) Turn up on time

Section 13.02 Don’ts
      (a) Talk in raid chat or on Ventrilo when the raid leader is describing encounter tactics

      (b) Fuss when things go badly

      (c) Loot during combat (if applicable)

      (d) Leave before the official end of the raid

    (e) Go AFK without saying that you are doing so, or go AFK for extended periods (more than 2-3mins). AFK for a non-emergency situation of greater than 5 minutes will result in being replaced.

Section 13.03 Raid Selection

Raid spots are guaranteed for raiders only.
      The raider must be appropriately geared and on time (generally 15 min prior to raid start). However, If you have been on raids, you understand the need for certain classes and abilities and the need to put together a group that has the ability to succeed. Please note that if you do have to sit, you will be counted as having attended the raid.

If you don’t get to raid on a certain night, you are expected to act like an adult about it.
      Fits and complaining in guild chat will not be tolerated. You only hurt the guild and morale by such behavior.

If you do not meet the requirements, you don’t raid.
    If you're not sure if you meet the requirements (which vary by zone), please ask. Don’t waste our time by not being ready and committed.

Section 13.04 Item looting

      (a) You are expected to know what items you want from a given boss. Rolling for items that are actually not an upgrade hurts the guild as a whole.

      (b) Armor type to the class who can use it the most first e.g. Cloth to Mages, Priests, and Locks, leather to Druids and Rogues, etc. By doing it this way, will maximize the gear upgrades avail per class. Cloth wearers can't use Leather, so if a class that is ranked to use a higher level of armor takes something away from a class who is limited to their armor, its defeating the purpose of getting the most out of the gear that we have drop. If no one wants an item that is cloth, but a druid wants it then they can have it, the same goes for leather and mail.

      (c) Do not /roll on items just because you can. Please use common sense and look to the good of progression. This is a PvE guild and as such our progression relies on people not being greedy.

    (d) Crafting patterns will be rolled for by people that will learn them and make them available for the guild to use at no service charge.